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Since the Acai fruit became known all over the world, different Acai products were also introduced to consumers. The products came in the form of snack bars, powders, juices, supplements and many more. One of the most common forms that the fruit is transformed to is juices and smoothies. The Acai Plus Juice is just one of the products that is being sold in health stores and in several supermarkets.

The dosage for the Acai Plus Juice is one to three oz. everyday. This product is mixed with other fruits such as blueberry, raspberry and pomegranate. These fruits are also known to contain antioxidants and other vitamins that are very beneficial to the body. It has been said that this product has a longer storage life and tastes better than drinking pure Acai juice. It is even healthier because it is mixed with other healthy fruits.

Mixing pomegranate in this product is said to delay signs of aging and fights of the formation of free radicals that is related to menopause. Pomegranate is said to be a natural source of iron and vitamin C. On the other hand, the raspberry juice that is mixed in this product is helpful in getting rid of phlegm. The red raspberry is said to have a higher content of dietary fiber and also has the smallest amount of calories as compared to other fruits. Also, the blueberry juice mixed with the Acai Plus Juice helps in promoting better sight and also contains high amounts of antioxidants. This fruit is used as an anti-inflammatory and slows down aging process.

The Acai Plus Juice was also said to be product that Dr. Perricone brought when he was interviewed in the Oprah show. The price of the Acai Plus Juice is at $20 to $25 per bottle of 32 oz. The price is very affordable as compared to other Acai berry products that are very expensive. There are also coupon codes that can be used by consumers to get a 5% discount from the price that is already discounted.

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Acai Berry is one of the rare berries in the world that contain such vital nutrients that does wonders for the human body. Many people use acai berry for weight loss. One particular brand that got people talking is pure acai berry pro which is notoriously well known as an effective weight loss supplement. It contains nature's best acai which gives the body a boost in energy, burns fat cells faster and acts as a safe appetite suppressant.

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Acai Berry Juice Review

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This article was published on 2010/04/02