Breville Juice Fountain Plus – Your Helping Hand To Healthier Day

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A glass of fresh juice is a healthy way to start a day. Doctors recommend it and even nutritionist proposes and urges patients to include fresh fruit juices in diet. The challenging techniques our parents used to make juices can often put us in back foot to ever dare to go that way. Not anymore, with present technologies at hand. An easier and quicker way to have benefits of fresh fruit drinks is by owning the correct juicer product. In just few seconds, one can have fresh juices ready at hand from any favorite vegetables and fruits by using any juicer. The most popular juicer is Breville juice fountain plus which provides right blend of technology with simplicity and comfort. It is also user friendly.

The capacity of each of the juicer from Breville is also huge enabling consumers to make wide range of juices in just about seconds. In addition, every electric juicer like the Breville juice fountain plus with its large pitcher (18 inches tall) can hold enormous ounces of juice at once. Either one can make it and store it for the future use or they can have the whole family start their day healthily with them each day.

Apart from large container size of the juicer, Breville juice fountain plus also has feed tubes, which are equally large. Thus, even if it’s a large piece of vegetable or fruit that one would need to accommodate at once, it would not be a problem. This saves time because one need not cut the pieces and peel them separately to have the juice. Machine’s power and efficiency is beyond doubt quite adjustable with different requirement of various sizes of fruits and vegetable available in the market.

This machine despite its large size is also seemingly quite. The blade speed of Breville juice fountain plus is about 14,500 RPM (rotation per minute). Since it has high power Italian motor, the blades can easily cut through the toughest vegetables and fruits to spin the juice out in the blender. In addition the stainless steel make of each of the blade gives addition power to stand through the force. Together, it all contributes to the amazing durability of the product unlike any other brand of juicers.

On top of that components of Breville juice fountain plus are detachable. This means one can separately clean them. Put them in the dishwasher and save the extra amount of effort and time to get the dirt and grim off. It is also easier to replace parts, if for any reason the parts fall apart or get damaged.

The most popular feature contributing to its acceptability in different consumer levels is the feature of chute. Feed tubes are directly beneath the blades, so extraction of juice is quicker than other brands available in the market. Wave-action of Breville juice fountain plus keeps the vegetable and the fruit pieces below the blades. So, contents are crushed properly and juice is squashed entirely.

There are plenty of other wonderful products available from Breville too. A lot of people prefer fountain plus juicer because it is cheap and also because it is really quick to squash juices. It is also reasonably priced.

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Breville Juice Fountain Plus – Your Helping Hand To Healthier Day

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Breville Juice Fountain Plus – Your Helping Hand To Healthier Day

This article was published on 2011/10/20