Can People With Diabetes Drink Fruit Juice

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Summer will come, drink a glass of freshly squeezed juice with ice, you will feel mixed with the sweet smell and exciting coolness, I believe everybody will love this feeling. Indeed, the juice is an essential part in the life. Whether it is a single drink or match with other drink, both is delicious. At the same time, the juice also has a high nutritional value, which can provide a variety of vitamins and minerals. However, the sugar content of the juice is also high for people with diabetes, and the problem will produce: whether the people with diabetes can drink the juice? To answer this question, we need to understand what kinds of problems plague the lives of people with diabetes.


According to the American Diabetes Association statistics, the total America has total 2360 people suffering from diabetes, including adults and children. Diabetes inhibit the generation of human insulin, or to reduce the role of insulin in the human body. While insulin plays a major role in the body, it transfers the sugars, starch and food into energy. Overall, genetic factors, environmental factors, body weight and not loving sports and so on may lead to diabetes.


According to the present situation, people with diabetes want to stay healthy; the most effective way is to strictly control the diet, especially intake of carbohydrates and sugars. Thus, the seemingly sweet juice cannot join the daily diet of people with diabetes. But is this really? In fact, people with diabetes need to intake a variety of nutrition from the fruit juice and take the juice to spice up their lives as the same as the common people. Therefore, as long as the right amount to drink, juice is good for health.


On the market today, there is a lot of low sugar or sugar-free fruit juices such as cranberry juice, orange juice, apple juice and mixed fruit juice, there are a wide range. These products can indeed better meet the needs of people with diabetes. Well, ordinary pineapple juice, raspberry juice and pear juice is also more suitable for people with diabetes to drink. But we must note that no matter what kind of juice it is, you are unable to drink freely, because the fruit juice can only be used to replace other foods to prevent excess intake of sugar and carbohydrates.


Australian juice Association recommends that people with diabetes try orange juice, pineapple juice and apple juice. The North Fulton, the Internal Medicine Group advised them to drink lime juice, lemon juice or other unsweetened canned vegetable juice and fruit juice. Diabetes can affect the kidneys, heart and other organs, and cranberry juice can nourish the kidneys and bladder, prevent cystitis and urinary tract infection, so it is particularly recommended for people with diabetes.

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Can People With Diabetes Drink Fruit Juice

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Can People With Diabetes Drink Fruit Juice

This article was published on 2012/04/09