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Raw juices contain the right combinations of nutrients, in the right proportions, for optimum absorption into the body. Other than tomato juice, most people think only of fruit when selecting a juice. But for variety and the chance to explore new flavors, vegetable juices are worth looking into. Any vegetable can be juiced, but by far the king of all vegetable juices is carrot juice. It is the first one listed in many home juicing books, and by virtue of its taste and nutritional content, is the most common ingredient in juice combinations, But drinking it goes beyond merely being ‘good for you’. After one try, you may find yourself drinking it for the taste.

Carrot juice has a surprisingly sweet and light taste, with a perfect mix of minerals that magically makes it seem lighter than water. It also tastes great when mixed with other drinks. My favorites include adding it half-and-half to either orange juice or milk. But as with many vegetable juices, due to their low sugar and acid content, carrot juice is highly perishable. Since the flavor deteriorates quickly, the juice needs to be fresh. REALLY fresh. ‘TEN MINUTES AGO IT USED TO BE A CARROT’ fresh. You can’t buy it packaged, as the flavor won’t survive overnight, and don’t even think about getting it in a can.

Home Juicing

Not long ago, the only way to get fresh carrot juice was to buy a home juicer and make it yourself, but now with Jamba Juice and many other smoothie shops around, fresh carrot juice is widely available–so there is no excuse for not trying it! Of course to save money and gain full control over where and when to purchase and juice produce, you may still benefit from purchasing a home juicer, of which three main designs are available.

1. The most inexpensive types combine a grinder with a centrifugal basket to spin out most of the juice. These normally don't do a very good job (judging by the high moisture content of the resulting pulp), plus they are the most difficult to clean. Since the pulp collects in a basket, you need to continually stop, disassemble the remove the pulp, reassembly, and continue.

2. Next would be a juicer similar to the one manufactured by Champion, which looks and works similar to a meat grinder. These are easier to use and clean, as the pulp is continually expressed from one opening while the juice is squeezed out another, so you don't need to stop until you are done.  The resulting pulp is much drier, indicating a higher yield of juice.

3. At the top of the price list would be the Norwalk juicing system, the Cadillac of home juicers. With its powerful motor and hydraulic press, it extracts most of the juice, leaving a pulp that has been described as fine and powder dry.

But no matter how you get it, you should consider giving carrot juice a try–you owe it to your taste buds.


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Carrot Juice!?!

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This article was published on 2011/03/31