How to Keep a Healthy Digestive System

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At least 60% of the human body is water, 70% of the brain and 90% of the lungs is water. 83% of blood is water. With these statistics, we realize why the fruit and vegetable juices can take their benefits throughout the body quickly and efficiently.

Another good way to cleanse your digestive system is to go on an apple diet. Apples contain peptins which help absorb all of the toxins in our bodies, and helps remove any junk in the lining of our digestive tracts.

Since the liver deals with cleansing all of the toxins in our body, it is a good idea to give a liver flush from time to time. Use olive oil and Epsom salts to remove any stones and impurities in the gall bladder and liver. This will help you feel more energetic and healthy.

Try a colon cleanser! Cleansing the colon with colonic irrigation will help you feel better and lighter! It also helps remove any undigested food and make you have clearer skin!

Fruits like carrots, apples, oranges contain soluble fiber that helps the body in the process of elimination. It is true that when we make these fruit juice removes the lump of cells that help the bowel elimination. But that does not mean that the juice no longer serve this purpose. Where do fruit or vegetable juice are concentrating all the nutrition from them and sending them quickly to where they are needed.

Effective juices to aid in the removal process

• Carrot Juice: Relieves colitis and ulcers. It also relieves swelling and tenderness of the stomach. It's a good liming and reduces the fermentation of food in the colon.
• Lemon juice: Highly recommended to start your day. It also alleviates nausea. Should not be taken if there is inflammation in the intestine or stomach.
• Cabbage juice: The outer leaves contain a substance that helps fight peptic ulcers.
• Coconut juice: Its high content of vitamin B helps relieve digestive disorders. Relieves gastritis, stomach ulcers and colitis.
• Grape Juice: stimulates secretion of bile. It helps the body burn fat and also acts as a mild laxative. Cleans the blood.
• Celery juice: Helps fight obesity. Relieves indigestion.
• Spinach juice: is alkalized and laxative. Enriches the blood.
• Cranberry juice: Stabilizes the intestines, relieves both diarrhea and constipation.
• Pear juice: Helps digestion and relieve the colitis. Mild laxative. Reduce the acidity in the urine.
• Papaya and pineapple juice: The mixture of papain in the papaya and bromelain from pineapple is an excellent natural remedy for digestion. In addition, relieves acidity.
• Aloe vera juice: Many supermarkets are already selling aloe vera juice in the bottle. This juice helps alleviate the colitis.

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How to Keep a Healthy Digestive System

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This article was published on 2010/11/24