The Emblica Officinalis Juice

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Let us talk about some unusual or rather uncommon juice that most of the vegans do not consume. We all know about the carrot or the mango juice recipes. What about Emblica Officinalis? If you are proficient in Hindi, you may rather know this fruit as "Aamla" This is Gooseberry for you. This is the fruit that is highly nutritious and is responsible for curing many diseases related to bowels. Throughout the ages we have been using this fruit in various forms but we hardly find a popular usage of this fruit to prepare juice out of it. The scientific name of gooseberry is Embelica Officinalis. But you better restrict the use of the scientific name in general as the shopkeepers may find you weird if you ask Embelica Officinalis from them.

If you have regular constipation problems, this might be the solution you have been searching for all your life. Gooseberry juices are also recommended if you have skin problems, Anemia, jaundice, heart diseases, and asthma. You may also take it if you have bleeding diseases or you are suffering from constant weight loss. Sometime people feel like vomiting all the time for various reasons. Gooseberry juice helps them reduce this irritating symptom. You must follow the following procedure to make gooseberry juice.

You have to clean up the fruit off seeds. After removing the seeds, you must only take the fleshy part. Then you have to mix it with water and sugar. The best part of making this type of juice is that it is very easy to prepare. It does not need any fancy ingredients. Only sugar and water are enough to make gooseberry juice. Gooseberries are widely available in open markets. This is sour in taste but the type of benefits you get with this fruit is just more than enough to convince you to consume it.

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The Emblica Officinalis Juice

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This article was published on 2010/04/03