The Wonders of Goji Juice

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Goji berry is probably one of most popular fruits in the world that contains lots of vitamins and minerals. Goji juice is a common product that comes from the berry and there are various ways on how to prepare Goji juice. The two general ways are Goji fruit juice blend and the simple Goji juice. Goji berry juice can be made with the use of ten to twenty dried berries added in eight ounces of water. Leave for around one to two minutes until the water develops the Goji berry taste. After consuming the juice, you can either eat the berries or use them in making Goji paste.
Another popular liquid form of Goji is its blended type, which is very easy to do. Get thirty to forty berries, three ice cubes, one small banana, one-third cup of orange juice and a blender. Just put all the ingredients together in the blender and mix them for about one hour. This berry blend is perfect when chilled with ice.
You can also make Goji fruit juice jello for a different treat. The ingredients that you will need in making Goji juice jello include one cup of boiling water, one packet of instant strawberry flavor gelatin (sugar free and low-calorie) and one-cup of chilled Goji berries juice. Just boil the water and add the gelatin in a bowl. Keep on stirring the mixture for about two minutes until the gelatin completely dissolves. Then add the Goji berries juice in the mixture and stir. Pour Goji juice in separate cups and refrigerate for about four hours until firm.
You can get numerous benefits from Goji juice such as improved blood circulation, improved energy levels and improved eyesight. In addition, regular intake of the juice helps strengthen the metabolism.
Studies have shown that Goji berry is the main reason of long life of the people in the eastern part of the world. Experts found a lot of essential antioxidants in Goji berry that can slow down the aging process.
Today, Goji juice is one of the most popular Goji products in the market so you will not find it hard to purchase Goji products. However, you have to make sure that you are getting the legitimate ones because there are a lot of scam Goji berry products around.

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The Wonders of Goji Juice

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This article was published on 2010/04/02